About Us

VAX APP is a wonderfully innovative company. It is organized by medical professionals knowledgeable in the various testing and vaccination methodology relating to Covid 19 virus. At the present time, there are thousands of people infected with the Coronavirus in various parts of the World. Thanks to the innovative research and planning by many pharmaceuticals, there are many vaccines that are available: Modenna, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson in the USA. There are Astra Zeneca in the UK and Covaccine in India, and Sputnik in Russia.

There are many testing methods available. They are 24-hour nasal swab testing, blood test TSA by PCR technique, and antibody testing.

The 24-hour covid testing in airports, if the results are negative, allows one to enter an aircraft, airport and safely land in the destination airport. This shows that the passenger is negative for Covid 19 and hence safe to have a quick covid test for travel and so not at risk to himself and the fellow passengers. They can still track covid test results online, at the port of landing, according to different State rules, quarantine measures are needed; till the passenger is retested and proved negative to move about freely in the place of landing.

The PCR and Antibody testing are of theoretical value in determining the specific virus, various virus infections, and testing the immunity after Covid infection and efficacy of vaccinations.

Moderna vaccine is a two-dose at 28 days interval RNA vaccine

Pfizer is also a two-dose at 28 days interval RNA vaccine

Johnson & Johnson is a one-dose vaccine

Astra Zeneca and Sputnick are Adenovirus vaccines

We are not at the stage yet to confirm a passenger is safe to board an aircraft without testing if he has completed his vaccination process. Till that time, as determined by CDC, the passenger has to be tested negative by a 24-hour covid 19 Rapid test.

Onboarding and landing, the passenger has to carry proof of documentation of negative 24-hour test. He has to fill out a form stating his name and demographics, date of travel and landing, and period of stay at the landing state. These documentations are checked to onboard and on landing, and the period of quarantine rules are enforced by the sheriff’s office by texting the passengers.

VAX APP is an Application APP obtained free of charge and installed on the passenger’s cell phone.

The passenger inputs the following data on the APP.

His or her name, age, address, passport or, date of travel, and landing. Take-off and Landing Airport Codes. Most importantly, a negative 24-hour Covid 19 test. Testing authority or the passenger uploads a negative testing document into the passenger’s profile. That creates a QR Code on the cell phone, which can be scanned easily and all data verified by the airlines’ sheriff’s Office.

A negative 24-hour Covid 19 test QR Code would give them a Quick GREEN Light for a walk-through at the airports. This can be adopted by Taxis services like UBER and LYFT.

TSA testing covid on entering the Airports and other Offices as well.

Down the line, we will be implementing a technique by which the vaccine data and the testing data would be stored in a CLOUD and available for verification.